Become a Member

The Community Ethics Network is a non-profit member run organization. Here at the CEN, we strongly believe that all Network members should have the opportunity to shape the future of the organization.

Member benefits include:

  • Full access to members’ website and its resources including our large collection of community based case studies, and other CEN presentations and educational materials;
  • The unique opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with other members
  • A community of practice with whom to discuss ethical issues;
  • Regular ethics newsletters; and
  • The opportunity to be a part of our Steering Committee and help direct the future of our network.

Membership organizations also receive the following additional benefits:

  • Being a CEN member can help with your organization’s accreditation process;
    • gaining board and organizational commitment to ethics
    • ensuring you have a code of ethics and supporting policies and guidance in place
    • customizing a decision-making tool
    • ensuring everyone know about the tool and how to apply it
    • selecting/developing reporting & investigation tools/ processes in place?
    • establishing an evaluation process to gauge the effectiveness of your ethics work
  • The CEN can help you develop strategies for improving ethics capacity in your organization;
  • The CEN offers unique training workshops designed for your organization’s management AND front line staff; and
  • As a membership organization, you will have the opportunity to be a part of our Mentorship Program.

Membership documents:

The CEN welcomes new members year round. Presently, we offer two types of membership:  organizational and individual. For further information on membership, please contact the CEN coordinator: at