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The CEN’s model of ethics delivery focuses on the three principles of a successful ethics program: integration, sustainability and accountability (Gibson et al., 2008). The CEN’s ethics model is a modified Hub & Spoke model (MacRae et al., 2005) which helps support community-based staff in dealing with complex ethical issues by providing resources, coordination, and support for both clinical and organizational ethics at a multi-organizational level. Each designated member organization representative, or community “Spoke”, is responsible for both bringing ethical issues forward to the Network Steering Committee or “Hub”, and for communicating back to their own organization, strategies and tools for dealing with these issues as articulated by the CEN.

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2Gibson, Jennifer L. Robert Sibbald, Eoin Connolly, and Peter A. Singer. “Organizational Ethics”. Chapter 32 in The Cambridge Textbook of Bioethics. P.A. Singer and A.M. Viens, Eds. 2009. Pages 243-250. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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