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Reconciling Risks

Responding Ethically to Potential Harms

Spring Workshop

June 27, 2019
8am – 4pm

Novotel Toronto North, Gibson Ballroom
3 Park Home Avenue, Toronto

To register for this event, contact Suzanne Brunelle at

The 2019 CEN Spring Workshop will explore the inherent ethical challenges in assessing, managing and reconciling the many risks regularly encountered in the provision and use of community-based health and support services – clients “choosing to live at risk”, staff perceiving unacceptable risks in their workplace, the need to recognize ‘the dignity of risk’, concerns over reputational risk, and the tensions arising when attempting to respect autonomy and prevent harms. Balancing these actual, potential and perceived risks holds multiple ethical dimensions.

Beginning with a keynote address sharing personal experiences of making choices others deem to be ‘risky’, a panel will discuss the tensions that arise from a variety of perspectives – that of employer, professional representative, service user and those who are in roles attempting to mediate.

Then, using stories adapted from real life, we will consider how to use the Community Ethics Toolkit to analyze the ethical questions in such situations and consider the defensible options. We will also explore the benefits of an additional tool that is designed to help understand and navigate risk in particular.

The workshop aims to provide staff at all levels with a deeper understanding and potentially new insights into the nature of the risks with which they work and the importance of managing them in a way that respects clients and staff alike.

CEN Members: $150; Non-Members: $300.